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2 Beach weddings MallorcaMallorca is the perfect wedding destination with exquisite venues, vistas, gardens, terraces and beaches. Select the best wedding planners to guide you every step of the way! Mallorca Wedding Planners negotiates on your behalf in fluent Spanish giving you the benefit of our many years of experience and our best contacts. We help you select the perfect venue for YOUR wedding and show you lovely churches, pergolas and gazebos too. Whether you would like to hold the festivities on a beach, at a hotel, restaurant, private venue or villa, we can assist you with all the details for your dream wedding. CLICK TO CONTACT US
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Mallorca-Wedding Planners offer a full range of services. We aim to exceed your expectations! Choose between our four assistance options for your weddings in Mallorca:
1. VENUE HUNT. We help you locate the right church, venue, hotel, mansion, palace, fort, castle, villa or romantic finca farm house for you. We charge a flat fee for this..
2. VENUE HUNT WITH WEDDING PLANNING. We help you find the right church and venue. Next we step in to assist you with everything surrounding your wedding, keeping you in the loop all the way. We help you choose the right catering in Mallorca to fit your taste and your budget, decoration, wedding favours, styling, personal shopping, wedding dress, cakes, cupcakes, photography, transport and anything else you might need. We charge a flat fee for combining the venue hunt and the wedding planning.
3. VENUE, HUNT, WEDDING PLANNING AND ARRANGEMENTS BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR WEDDING DAY. A lot of couples want a pre-party and a day-after-party to frame their wedding, some wish to be assisted with activities and excursions. We are glad to assist you with everything sorrounding your wedding!
We help you find your church and venue and take responsibility for the smooth delivery of every part of your stay - including transport, entertainment and all the trimmings.
4. BUDGET SIMPLICITY. Choose one of our BUDGET wedding packages where we offer a FREE PLANNER and a wedding planning checklist. This option supplies you with a basic minimum for your wedding; a hand-picked venue, hair, make up, flowers, photography and a lovely wedding reception and dinner.
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¤ We are here to help create a beautiful and unforgettable day for you.
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82 Beach weddings Mallorca¤ We love helping you mould your own spectacular ambiance and are passionate about creating magical and memorable weddings in Mallorca. Our small team offers a personal service dedicated to making your wishes come true. We are discreet and flexible. We work for you to ensure that your big celebration is stress-free and enjoyable, while you remain in control. With us getting married in Mallorca is fun! Ask us about our options with free wedding planning too.
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¤ With your dream in mind, we will provide you with a wide variety of options for your wedding. We send you photographs of suitable venues and accommodation. Your wishes are very important to us. We are dedicated as we strive to find your preferred music, entertainment, decoration, flowers and anything else you may require

¤ Our team’s local knowledge and love of the Balearic islands, our language skills, and our passion for Mallorca weddings and events is invaluable to a lot of people of many nationalities.
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