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There are several ways for non residents of getting married in Mallorca Spain.

¤ If you become a resident of the island six months before your planned wedding in Mallorca, you can have a civil wedding here.

¤ Catholics can get married legally in Spain if their hometown priests provide the local church with the right paperwork, which can be a difficult without assistance on the island.

wedding planners Mallorca¤ The simplest option that is open to everyone is to have a blessing ceremony in Mallorca Spain. Before or after you receive this blessing you should have a civil ceremony in your home country. The blessing option is in no way less special. It is your emotional wedding day, and the day you will continue to remember and will celebrate for years to come.
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¤ If you do not wish to have a Catholic ceremony you can get a blessing in Church through the English speaking Anglican Church. They offer “The Sacrament of Marriage”, which is regarded as the full marriage ceremony, where you make your vows and say “I do”. A marriage certificate is issued and your marriage will be registered in the Chaplaincy register of Holy Matrimony. There must be direct contact between yourselves and the Church with regard to the Ceremony itself. We can help you with the contact details.
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                                                                          Above - a Jewish wedding
Mallorca cateringProtestants from some countries enjoy real wedding ceremonies in Mallorca. For Swedish citizens, for instance, there is a Swedish Church where you get married exactly in the same way as you would in Sweden. Choose your preferred outside location for the ceremony too. The best wedding planners in Mallorca Spain offer blessings and a renewal of your vows too.

hotels in Mallorca¤ We can organize a spiritual ceremony too. This must be completed with a civil ceremony in your home country, be it before or afte in order to make it legal.
You can choose between different officiates for this service.

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¤ For those of you who are interested in renewing your vows both the spiritual ceremony and the Sacrament of Marriage offered by the Anglican Church, and other options offered by Protestant churches on the islands, are open to you. 

get married in MallorcaMallorca weddings¤ Same sex couples can have a legally binding ceremony if one of you is a Spanish citizen. If neither of you is a Spanish Resident, you could still come to Mallorca and have a spiritual union. This could also follow a civil ceremony in your home country if current legislation where you reside permits this.
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