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Are you dreaming of beach weddings in Mallorca? We can make it come true! As your best wedding planners we have all the top options, such as a white Rolls Royce for the happy couple, a smooth chill out band at the wedding reception and white wedding doves to celebrate your love. Whether you will be needing coaches for your guests, reservations at the island's top lounges and clubs, a hotel in Palma de Mallorca, or a sublime multi layered white cake, we can organise it all for you!
getting married in Mallorca
beach weddings mallorcaChoose between a totally personal wedding tailored to fit the two of you, or our excellent wedding packages with a FREE PLANNER.

AussenansichtPanoramaPre-parties are and after parties are in. How about throwing a welcome party at a fabulous wine castle to surprise your guests? For the ceremony you may choose a picturesque church or perhaps chillout decoration on the beach with lounge music. Or are you tempted by a romantic garden wedding?
6 hotels in Mallorca36. Above - finca Mallorca

Consider having your wedding reception at a superb boutique hotel in Palma. Another popular theme is a lovely candelabra-lit dinner at a mansion in the mountains.
May we suggest a brunch at a beach club for the day after the wedding, a sailing excursion or a cool dinner at one     Hotel Palma de Mallorca
of the  top restaurants in Mallorca Spain?                                                                           
getting married in Mallorca
We are here to make all the preparations for you!
If you choose our high value wedding packages we will include a wedding planning checklist for you. Give us a call at +34687934707
The best wedding planners take care of entertainment, bands, DJ, decoration, flowers, make up, hair, photos, pre-wedding pool party and hotel reservations too. takes care of all this to ensure that your celebrations are special and effortless for you!

We can arrange accommodation at a variety of different locations from fancy rural agroturismo hotels, to pristine Palma palaces, remote monastic retreats, lovely yachts, beautiful secluded beaches, gorgeous private villas, boutique castle hotels and small but refined b & b’s, among many, many other options. We can recommend and book all the perfect spots for you in Mallorca Spain! For quick  solutions choose our great wedding packages with a FREE PLANNER
Babysitters and entertainment for kids are an important part of many a wedding. Please don’t hesitate to ask about our children’s options.