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Where does one begin?
- Start by telling us what your wishes are. When you begin this process, we can make everything happen. We do the work and you are in the driver's seat - you are the ones choosing, we simply supply you with some nice choices. We do this particularly well since we spend time researching the market on the Balearic Islands. We are constantly on the lookout for what is on offer, and can help you avoid lengthy research periods. We can help you locate and book accommodation for your guests. The best wedding planners work with you to create a spectacular series

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Why should we ask someone to plan our wedding?
- A bride is estimated to spend more than 245 hours organising her wedding - that's the equivalent of six weeks working full time! When you want to organise your wedding in a foreign country things do not get any easier. Your local knowledge may be limited, not to mention the language barriers. Wedding planners can help you and work with you offering their guidance and expertise. After all, you will still be in control of the work that is carried out for your benefit, and the decisions are yours to make.

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How will your services affect our budget?
- We can negotiate on your behalf in Spanish and can get the best possible prices for you - a very positive thing indeed. We will find options and present venues and solutions that you could not have found without assistance. And time, as you know, is money. We save you a considerable amount of time and stress. This makes it much easier for you to make decisions and relax and enjoy your big day.
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Can we afford to enlist your wedding planner services?
- Yes you can. Before we start we make sure to ask our clients what their budget is so that we can fit our suggestions within the budget on hand. We will work with you to set a realistic and affordable budget. Please remember that we do not make any choices without your consent.

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- It may surprise you to know that most of the loveliest weddings we have organised on the Balearic islands have been much less expensive than the amounts people normally spend on their weddings in their home countries. To cut prices further and have a bigger budget to really create wonders with, a large number of our clients choose to hold weddings for say 80 to 100 guests abroad rather than inviting 150 to 200 guests at home. This way they can get the perfect blissful wedding of their dreams AND save a lot of money.
- We provide a bespoke service especially tailored to the needs of our clients. We can do as much and as little as you wish. The process starts with a free consultation. Your fee is calculated on each individual wedding. All hotel bookings for your group are free of charge.

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How will you be involved on the big day?
- We will be there to take care of any last-minute problems. Depending on the involvement you have asked for, we can stay and monitor the entire event. Leave the work to us and make sure that you have a wonderful experience to be cherished forever.
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Is, for instance, a same sex couple able to get a really friendly wedding with your help?
- Absolutely. We will be more than happy to help you with recommendations and arrangements to ensure a lovely celebration. Our islands openly welcome thousands of gay visitors each year. With 14 million people visiting every year and an ever-growing number of five star hotels and gourmet restaurants and venues the friendliness and service levels have never been as good as they are now. Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca are wonderful places to get married in - for everyone!

Do you have special packages for people on a tight budget?
- Yes, we have excellent ready-to-go wedding packages! Many of our earlier clients favourite venues build the basis for these options. At these wonderful venues the very best menus are available. Choose between former clients' favourite flowers, music, entertainment, hair and make up, childrens entertainment, cupcakes and cakes and more. For these packages we offer a FREE PLANNER and also a wedding planning checklist .
For questions regarding the ceremony and the religious possibilities on offer, please look under the button ''Ceremony''.

When we ask you to plan our wedding on a full-scale basis, what do your services include?

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  • Helping you find your ideal place for your ceremony and reception, whether you want to get married in a church, at another venue or wish to tie the knot at a spot of natural beauty.

  • Booking the venues you select, for instance a church and a reception venue, and continuing to discuss and plan for your wedding with the people at these venues until your big day has been successfully carried out. We speak fluent Spanish and make sure that everything is being carried out in accordance with your wishes. We make no decisions without your consent – everything is planned in accordance with your wishes.

  • Staying in contact with the vicar, priest, rabbi or justice of peace and making sure that he or she knows what your wishes are for your ceremony.

  • Finding, planning and keeping in contact with all the top suppliers for your benefit. We negotiate great prices on your behalf and make everyone stay on their toes to ensure that your celebration be a wonderful one. We assist you in choosing the suppliers that fit you and your choice of arrangements best.

  • Keeping tabs on the administrative side of things, such as the necessary Spanish documents needed for you to get a Roman Catholic wedding on the island, and/or other things.

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  • Assisting you with translations and other facilitating services.

  • Attending your wedding and making sure that things run smoothly and that all the details are in place.

  • Continuously keeping in contact with you via email and over the phone until the big day (and often afterwards too on a friendly basis!), and making sure that any possible changes and updates reach you.
  • Costs of phone calls, parking, stamps etc are included in our expensens.

  • With flexibility and attention to detail we jump in to solve possible problems and to assist you and your guests doing our utmost to surpass even your most positive expectations.